“Everybody’s talkin about it”

☝name someone from every department in the building you work in, if you can’t then find out you never know when they will help you meet your purpose. Departments working together and not apart is essential

I was recently speaking to a friend of mine who was telling me he was annoyed with a recent interaction with a charity.
This had me interested a charity I thought,what could possibly a charity have done so wrong, they only try their best to do what they can, so I asked him to tell me more.

What had happened was he recently wanted rid of a nice oak table he had and thought it would be nice to give it to a charity who in turn give the furniture to people recently put into housing who haven’t got much.

So he decided to call the centre to arrange pick up of his item. The girl who answered didn’t ask anything about the item, my friend tried to tell her and she didn’t want to know and just kept saying I just arrange the collections and nothing else.She took my friends details and gave him a date and time for collection.


so the collection guys came out took a good look at the item and decided first off they couldn’t get it in that van as it was too small but could get it in the bigger van but brought this van as ‘thought’ didn’t ‘know’ it was a big table. They then told my friend That to be honest their service users wouldn’t like this type of table although lovely as it was a country oak table and their users (knowing their customers) like and take IKEA type furniture as a lot of them are young (21 years old and younger). It was also cost them to take any item that they didn’t think anyone would want as they would have to pay for storage or disposal. My friend felt a need to call back to the centre (so a failure call), to let them know about his disappointment of the whole thing)

^^Basically the whole thing a waste of everyone’s time

The failings are all over here and are not unique to just a charity. I see similar failings in multi-million pound businesses all the time

Here is the main failing:

the girl on the phone targeted or not was just ‘tasked’ with answering the phone, not asking any questions and as quickly as possible get the person on and then off the phone and onto the next caller( as we all know being productive is about the amount of calls you take rather than the quality……not)

Here’s the secret to making money:

👆What’s that hulk hogan you want us to raise our capability and reduce failures by understanding our customers and business at every opportunity…….ok I will I will don’t hurt me

The solution for this charity is simple yet missed by most businesses. This is because normally different departments have different targets and don’t care what happens to the other departments within the ‘same bloody business’ as long as they hit theirs not realising we are all part of the solution or all part of the problem.

What should have happened for this business is the girl on the phone should understand what products the charity is after by spending extra time to find out what the customer has to offer. These details can then be handed to the drivers so they send the RIGHT van and also know its a WORTHWHILE journey and not a waste of the customer and workmen’s time.

You could continuously improve by having the drivers and phone staff having regular meetings where they discuss and share the changing market of what the clients are after. They would feel they are more engaged in their work, more capable and driven as they will be dealing with value more often than failure a lot of the time.

Utilize the drivers expertise as they are in amongst the work and closet to the customer and know what they want, just like in a call centre where people miss asking the experts the staff on the phones or here is a new concept use the customer themselves.

With a charity that probably is on a budget anyway this would save them money on:

1. Un-needed calls into their phone lines
2. Petrol costs for unnecessary call outs where they won’t take the item
3. Petrol and staffing costs for call outs to collection where they take the wrong van not knowing how big the item is.

Don’t stay quiet about this anymore get your departments talking and working together, you can’t afford not to.


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