Purpose is like a religion

Purpose is like a religion:

This is something I have had thrown at me recently as well as its a cult or some secret society.

Just the same as targets which when that came out as a different way of working was labelled, questioned and rejected by many until it was eventually just accepted as the way things are

The difference with purpose and working in this way is that the customer doesn’t feel or think they are just ‘accepting’ it and doing behaviour’s like avoiding going into their local bank to hand a cheque in incase they get sold a product they don’t want, dreading ringing a call centre for similar reasons. In a targeted environment customers are also worried constantly they have been mis-sold or the product doesn’t do what it says on the tin

20130828-001604.jpg👆👆 I believe the ronseal fella but how many products do this that are pushed in a targeted environment ??

Anyway purpose or system’s thinking or whatever you want to call it doesn’t matter (I call it common sense to be honest) but in a world where we have it wrong it is hard to get this common sense message through:

“most people learn in life to love things and use people, what they need to do is learn to love people and use things

Purpose isn’t a religion and like any other label like labeling gay people, ethnic minorities and so on over the centuries we have over time raised our capability and knowledge to stop this and just see common sense by knowing our people and realizing what was wrong, without a shadow of a doubt this is still a working progress and some people as ridiculous as some of them are will reject common sense at all costs no matter what, these people are ignorant make them the minority!!

Eventually Purpose will not have a label and will just be the way we transact all business

Just for me in my opinion it would feel unnatural treating someone different due to their ethnic origin, so it would feel unnatural to work in any other way and I cant understand how people do

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