When Thinking doesn’t Match the Purpose

^^ is he killing the club depends on your view of what your purpose is

This is my first blog so be gentle ha

With the return of Joe (joke) Kinnear, Newcastle’s lack of signings and their less than to be desired start to the season, the Mike Ashley hate campaign has started again.

This got me thinking after a friend at work said “honestly the guy does just not meet our purpose”. I challenged this and said ok what is Newcastle’s purpose. To which as usual it was a response about playing attractive football like the Keegan years and to go out not to draw or lose but to win.
Now that in general is the Newcastle fans thinking however that definitely is not Mike Ashleys. He is a business man and a very successful one at that. His thinking is to make a profit at whatever cost. From his point of view if we take for example climbing each position in the premier league is worth £750,000 but to climb each position would cost probably when you look at what Chelsea and Man city have spent over £100,000,000 a lot of money, money Newcastle simply do not have.
Now as far as Purpose Mike Ashley has met his. Newcastle have turned a good profit every season extended their brand across the globe and recently been quoted by the premier league with fair play rules coming in as one of the clubs to be held up with Arsenal as a good business model and way to run your club.

Now Mike Ashley has recently been linked with Glasgow Rangers again to take over fully there and I can see why. It meets his purpose even more as when Rangers get back into the Scottish Premier League. They will without much money spent finish in the top two, get champions league,sell season tickets and achieve and push Mike Ashley’s purpose more to forward his business venture and make money.

Now as we know Thinking drives the System which drives Performance.

(if your thinking throughout your business and all those involved is not aligned the rest doesn’t matter, it will fall apart eventually)

Now Newcastle fans unfortunately have tried to do it the other way round:

They have decided on a performance: KEEGAN STYLE FOOTBALL, they have then driving their system around this and their thinking is to be angry with Ashley around this.

This thinking either in business, a football club or in general has to be right through from top to bottom otherwise you then face a situation Newcastle currently find themselves in. Newcastle fans and Mike Ashley have never had the same thinking and therefore the rest was bound to happen.

Compare it to Barcelona’s thinking and read any article about their culture and purpose and you will see the difference

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