I’m not sharing

We see this all the time when kids are either greedy, nasty or just simply don’t want to share.
Well I say you only see kids do this,actually I see adults around me doing this all the time. The reason for this is recognition,promotion and advancement or just being bitchy or childish. Whatever the reasons I see adults doing it around me all day long. Mainly I see it around me as I work in a non-target environment so for some people in transition from a target environment to a non-target environment they struggle to show their achievements to gain their so needed recognition.

Working in a target environment it’s deemed easier to present yourself for recognition, higher figures mean that you are better regardless of the failures you have caused to get them figures, the corners you have cut or the mis-selling you have done to get there( we are all know about our banks over the last few years…need I say more)

in a non- target environment it’s supposedly hard and even when you try to help people some of the time, some people are reluctant to let you help on projects they are working on because of the fear you may take some of their recognition. All you actually want to do is help because purpose teaches us to:

“focus on the work and only the work that matters to our customers”

Banking Culture not changed enough: Benny Higgins (Read this)

Not this childish behaviour of I’m not sharing and so on. If an idea is the right thing to do and its going to help raise capability,reduce failure,make your business more effective and efficient and help to get it right first time for your customers,who cares who takes the credit.

The recognition if you really want it will be in delivering purpose and having a successful business that’s makes genuine profits not supposed targeted profits a lot of our banks have….don’t we all as tax payers own a few of these banks due to this greedy type of thinking ohhhh yes wait a minute we do

Put the work and customers first(input)
Recognition will come anyway(output)


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