Purpose is all good and that, but at the end of the day we have to remember we are a business

Recently I have heard having discussions with people about the company they work for who have said:

“purpose and doing it is all good and that, but at the end of the day we have to remember we are business”

Now what they are trying to say is that implementing purpose to our business is all fine but facing reality we have to have resort to the old way basically targeted environment. Which for the people who are saying that I understand why when things get tough resort back to what you know and in their opinion in previous roles had relative success. They therefore think well I will just apply that here then…..tempting but wrong.

👆let’s stay doing what we have always done……ohhhhh no let’s not because treating customers the way we have is why we are In the situation we are.

At certain workplaces they do something different but there is still people who reject the idea’s as their thinking is still stuck steadfast in a target environment and so say some ridiculous things to bring down what we are trying to achieve.

It’s easy to get annoyed with these people but actually you need to realise you were probably there once. It just takes some people longer. Create Pull for what you are doing and stay true to what you are trying to achieve as its the right thing to do


Although saying that sometimes it can feel like this until you get there:


To these people I would respond with:

“if our business is not purpose and our purpose is not our business, then what are we”. Doesn’t really mean anything but baffles them anyway and they can’t work it out.

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