The Willie Sutton Rule



Willie Sutton was a bank robber.

He robbed hundreds of banks across the mid-west, taking millions of dollars using a Thompson machine gun, because he said that…

“you can’t rob a bank on charm and personality”

He was on the FBI’s most wanted list for decades, but today he’s famous for something he never said.

Supposedly a reporter asked him, “So why do you rob banks Willie?” and he supposedly replied…

“Because that’s where the money is!”

Except he didn’t, sadly. It’s a shame, but it’s an urban legend. Someone should have said something like it, it’s too good not to, somehow it got around that Willie said it.

We believe it because it fits. It makes sense, that’s why bank robbers rob banks, because that’s where the money is dummy. There’s even a Willie Sutton Rule, that says the “obvious” answer is the right one. It…

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