Inspiration: We all need it

This is a brilliant speech by Charlie Chaplin as the final speech in the film the dictator. If you haven’t seen it before you need to spend 3 minutes to rectify this and watch it. If you have watch it again as its awesome.

Charlie Chaplin inspiring speech from:The Dictator

Life and the Universe: The most astounding fact

This link edited from a Time magazine talk in with Nigel deGrasse Tyson is possibly one of the best things I have ever watched so inspiring and if you haven’t already read some of his books especially Space Chronicles

Anyway check out this link, if it doesn’t work just search under YouTube for The most astounding fact or something
The most Astounding Fact

We stopped Dreaming

Another link by Nigel deGrasse Tyson

20130830-095547.jpgThe decisions we are making at the minute be it ourselves or governments making them for us are not factoring in the future of tomorrow, we are all playing for a targeted report which is in the here and now no one is inspiring tomorrow as much anymore
The idea isnt to live forever but to inspire or creat something that does

If you want to figure out why things are the way they are more than any other link watch this one
We stopped dreaming


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